About Donna

Donna is a Psychic Medium, Palmist and Heart Centred Spiritual Counsellor.

Donna has worked with many clients over the past 15 years providing proof and validation that loved ones who have passed on are never far and still continue to watch over and guide us from the other side.


As a Psychic Medium, Donna understands from personal experience how important it is for loved ones to connect and bring peace to us here on the earth plane so we can continue on our life journey.

As a child, Donna realised early that she had this unique ability to see another dimension and connect to a higher frequency in order to be of service. At age 7, Donna experienced all the senses, clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. This can be evidenced when her Grandmother told her from an early age that when her Grandfather died he held her wrist which confirmed that he would be waiting for her on the other side. One evening, as Donna lay in bed she felt someone tightly grabbing her wrist. When she woke up she looked at the clock and it was 2am. Donna ran into her parents’ room and told her Mother that her Grandmother had died. Two hours later the phone rang and confirmed that her Grandmother had passed on that evening. For Donna this was confirmation that loved ones never leave us, they are on the other side waiting for us.

Donna has experienced much loss in her life. Within a 5 year period, her father, sister and husband passed on. After experiencing great loss, Donna had to go inward to search for answers and gain understanding of how to continue living. Whilst going through this loss, Donna studied and obtained a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy which helped her to not only to follow her spiritual path, but to guide others onto theirs.

Throughout her journey, Donna has realised that working on herself and becoming self aware has enabled her to love herself more and unconditionally love others. As part of her unique gift, Donna wants to help others make sense of their lives and to find meaning and purpose.

Donna now uses her gift for the greater good to help clients gain deep insights into their own life journey and grow spiritually and be the best version of themselves.

Donna prides herself in having high standards and being highly accurate with readings. Donna’s approach is to be non-judgmental, warm, empathetic and inspiring, guaranteeing her clients a tangible experience and to leave with peace of mind.

Donna currently lives in Milton Keynes with her 2 children.